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113/365 - April 27, 2012 - World's Fair Park

After leaving work about an hour early for a mental health break, I decided to stop by the World's Fair Park since the weather today in Knoxville was the Chamber of Commerce type variety. I really had very little inspiration prior to getting outside, but once I put on my polarized sunglasses and noticed how deep blue the sky was this afternoon, I couldn't resist stopping to take some photos. Since I started this project, I have wanted to recreate one of my favorite all-time shots of the Sunsphere. The shot I like so well is actually already documented in my project on Day 5, iFramed. After getting the shot I wanted, I spent a few more minutes around the park and captured another shot that I liked as well. I couldn't decide on which to use, so I used both.

Nick Deal Photography KnoxvilleTN

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